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Project Free Tv - Usa 100% Free Tv Experience Over-The-Air Channels List

Project Free Tv - Usa Free Tv Experience Over-The-Air Channels.

In the United States, for most of broadcasting history, there were only three or four major national land-based commercial networks under project free tv.

 From 1946 to 1956, these were ABC, CBS, NBC, and Dumont (although Paramount television networks have had limited success over the years).

 From 1956 to 1986, the national "Big Three" commercial networks were ABC, CBS, and NBC (with some limited efforts to challenge them, such as National Telefilm Associates [and its NTA Film Network] and the Overmire Network). From 1954 to 1970, National Educational Television was the national clearinghouse for public television programming; Public Broadcasting Service (PBS) was successful in 1970. By Project Free Tv

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Today there are more than fifty free national networks.

In addition to the PBS Non-Vocational Education (NCE), which is made up of affiliated stations, the largest terrestrial television networks are the traditional Big Three television networks (ABC, CBS, and NBC).

There are several other large networks, most notably Fox and The CW which broadcast original programming for two hours every night instead of three, like the original "Big Three", as well as syndication services such as MyNetworkTV and Ion Television which recently Features popular replicas.

There is little or no basic programming. Fox has nearly the same success rate as the Big Three families and is therefore often considered a partner of ABC, NBC, and CBS as it has also received equal or better ratings since the late 1990s. Most media now call Fox the "Big Four" television network.

The transition to digital transmission in 2009 has allowed television stations to offer additional programming options via digital secondary channels, one or more additional programming flows to the station's main channel that is received by multiplexing the station's signal. Many new commercial networks such as Webel Broadcasting broadcasting movies, classic series replicas and lifestyle programs, created by owners of large networks such as Luken Communications and even Fox Corporation (through the Fox Entertainment branch), such as national programs in project free tv

Through subsidiary CBS Corporation), The Walt Disney Company (via subsidiary Walt Disney Television) and Comcast (via subsidiary NBCUniversal). Through the use of multicast, some new public television networks have been launched in Spanish and non-commercial.

Unencrypted networks in the United States can be divided into four categories:

Commercial networks - which broadcast programming to the general public in English (for example, CBS);
Networks in Spanish - Fully programmed networks that primarily broadcast Spanish programming to Latin American audiences (eg, Telemundo and Univision);

Educational networks and other non-commercial networks - which broadcast television programs in English and some foreign languages, are deemed to be of an educational nature or in a case of some sort not found on commercial television (e.g. PBS);

Religious Broadcasting Network - which broadcasts religious studies and other faith-based programs and, in some cases, family-oriented secular programs (eg, Dayalu).

Each network sends its signal to several locally affiliated television stations across the country.

These local stations then broadcast "network feeds", with programs broadcast by each network displayed by millions of families across the country.

In the case of large networks, the signal is sent to more than 200 stations. In the case of small networks, the signal can only be sent to a dozen or fewer stations.
As of the 2016–17 television season, there are approximately 118.4 million domestic households in the United States, including at least one television.

Major English-language commercial networks by Project Free Tv

TV networkFounded% of U.S. households reached# of households viewable# of Full-Power
# of Low-power
/Class-A affiliates
 and transmitters
The CW200697%~114,848,000204~11

Noncommercial & public television networks by project free tv

TV networkFounded% of U.S. households
# of households viewableNetwork
# of Full-power affiliates# of Low-power
/Class-A affiliates and transmitters
PBS Kids199483%98,272,000Children's
Create200674%87,616,000Public TV/
World200759%68,617,000News and documentaries1600
MHz WorldView / MHz Networks200121%24,864,000Educational
NHK World199818%20,934,000Japanese news
FNX (First Nations Experience)201112%14,208,000Native
 American programming
France 24200610%11,640,000International news54
MiND (MiND: Media Independence)20079%10,467,000Multicultural, educational20
Classic Arts Showcase19946%6,978,000Non
commercial performance
 art video clips
DW-TV (Deutsche Welle)19532%2,326,000Multicultural12
Minnesota Channel20052%2,326,000Educational television,
 public affairs,
ethnic and local programming